Is he?

Who Is Leon Cannizzaro?

Leon Cannizzaro pushed for a sentence of 20 years to life for a man who stole $31 worth of candy. (After significant criticism, Cannizzaro ultimately agreed to a two-year sentence.)

Ethical Problems

  • Leon Cannizzaro does not play by the rules. The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office has been issuing fake subpoenas — notices that are labeled as a subpoena, but were not properly issued through the court system.

This isn’t the first ethical problem to hit Leon Cannizzaro’s office. For years, the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office has struggled with illegally withholding information from defense counsel, which has lead to reversed convictions and stern rebukes from state and federal courts.

The Washington Post wrote that “Cannizzaro has tried to position himself as a reformer, but those gestures keep bumping up against actions that suggest the [old office] culture is still alive and well.”

The New York Times editorial board recently asked, “How many constitutional violations will it take before the New Orleans district attorney’s office is held to account for the culture of negligence and outright dishonesty that has pervaded it for decades?”

Leon Cannizzaro is out of touch. Louisiana is ready for safe, sensible reform. Is he?

Get the facts

Read up on Leon Cannizzaro’s problematic record.

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What You Can Do

Most Louisianans support safe, sensible reforms. District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro should too.

  • CALL City Councilwoman Susan Guidry, Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee. Tell her Leon Cannizzaro’s budget needs a second look.Phone: (504) 658-1010.
  • CALL the Louisiana State Bar Association. Ask them about Leon Cannizzaro’s problematic record jailing rape survivors, issuing fake subpoenas, and more.Phone: (800) 421-LSBA(5722)